• Cultivating Forgiveness

  • Support for Caregivers

  • Rediscovering Joy

New Awareness

We emphasize developing and encouraging each client's innate ability to come into their own sense of knowing.

  • Centering within the Self

  • Life Transitions
  • Changing Roles

We work with the concept of original goodness.

You are, at the level of essence, someone who knows how to proceed with decisions, relationships, plans and realize your full potential.  We help you with the process of uncovering that original spark of knowing by consolidating everything that is You and dissolving some of life's distractions.

Imagine becoming who you really are...

Our Expertise

We serve clients searching for the most sincere and creative methods of embracing their optimal lives and relationships.   


Certified Energetic Work : Pranic Work

Specializing in Professional Transitions & Personal Solutions

  • Professional Path

  • Personal Direction
  • Roles & Relationships

Your Path

We have been assisting clients in the discovery of their completely unique and individual paths for over ten years now.